Even though the two foundations “PFEIL e.V.” and “Children without Borders” were established at different times, the intentions for founding both projects were similar: By the end of the 1960s, the couple Gisela and Hans Josef Buchkremer both special education teachers, especially orientated on socio-education and social work, started to turn a former farm-building into a youth hostel for school classes.

The youth hostel “Kaapsdune” was located on the Terschelling-Island, Netherlands. School classes which wanted to visit Kaapsdune were financially supported by the district of “Heinsberg”. Over the years and generations, Kaapsdune found a place in many students’ hearts.

As the district withdrew from the funding, organisation and acquisition became harder for the no longer young Buchkremers. So they transferred the management to a young initiative that had emerged out of the Chair of Special Education and Pedagogy at the University of Cologne (Chair-Holder Hj. Buchkremer).

This initiative was named „PFEIL e.V.“. In accordance to the socio-pedagogic tasks, PFEIL follows the acronym for a scientific and practical education for related experience, initiative and learning.

At the forefront of this initiative stood the scientific staff of the chairs of Dr. Michaela Emmerich and certified pedagogue Werner Gierse. An unexpected support came from the scientist Dr. Theo Eckmann who together with Carl Richard Montag, the founder of the "Montag Foundation", Bonn, gave economical, ideological and scientifical support to PFEIL e.V. Even as the Buchkremers decided to sell their youth hostel Kaapsdüne, their commitment did not stop. They donated the proceed of 100 000DM to the project “Children without Borders” which through that became a foundation.

Over the years “Children without Borders” allowed more than 450 children from Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Germany to meet and connect via musical, sportive, cultural, playful and intellectual exchange. These costly, voluntary and highly work- intensive projects were first financially and ideologically supported by the “Montagsstiftung”. Until today “Children without Borders” is supported by the foundation for understanding among nations of “Kreissparkasse Heinsberg” and the mayors of Prudnik (PL) and Nadwirna (UA), Franciszek Fejdych and Sinowij Andriyowytsch. Under many volunteers of “Team Cologne” (mainly students), Thomas Vornholt and certificate padagogue and moderator Uli Groneick should be named. Partners of trust in Poland are Wanda Jakimko, Ludmila Lisowska, Janina Mokrska and Kasia Wołoszyn. Polish support comes from the musically talented teacher Roman Sadruk and his colleague Svitlana Pasishnyuk.